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BuildTech Solution


BuildTech Solution is a solution for Construction & Infrastructure Industry that addresses to all the site, project management, financial management & Operational requirements of Construction Projects.
BuildTech Solution Enables users to effectively manage multiple projects Across Multiple Construction Sites. It Integrates with Project Management, Receiving Material, Usage of Material, Billing & Sales solution, all in to one system. Allowing user to reduce the cost of construction process, Reduce Project Delays & Managing Multiple Complex Operations

Build Tech is designed such a way that, it manages all the operations of the site starting from Material requirement Estimation, Vendor Management, Vendor & Sub Contracting Billing & Flat Sales including additional amenities provided flat basis including cost variance.

Commercial & Technical Benefits

• Full Site Control Is Possible Sitting At One Place.
• Totally Independent Process for Site Engineer, Accounts & Project Manager.
• Material Wastage Is Almost Zero.
• Bill Generation Is Computerized.
• Site Engineer Gets Better Tool To Monitor Site
• Generates Inward & Outward Material Report.
• Easy Sales Process.
• Bills Payment Settlement Options Are Available.
• Supplier Billing & Sub Contracting Details Available
• Cost Of Package Is Recovered In First 15 Days.