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Document Management System

Document Management System is an application for Managing various process related documents, generate automated templates, Manage Funds, and manage operations with multiple offices.


DMS is a solution for those who deal with various offices for providing consultancy for Some Process. DMS manages the work flow with respect to Work, Particular Office & Particular customer.


DMS software specifically handles the needs of a Consultancy Firms and is designed to accomplish the tasks of various offices of various societies.


The feature list of the software includes:

  • The Software fully based on GUI interface. It provides the multi user interface. The software is also capable to easily run over the network.
  • User Friendly access. It is multi user software, at a single point of time more than a user can do work on the same module.
  • Secure enough, and maintaining secrecy of Various offices & regions.
  • DMS provides a powerful security control. Each user has been assigned its own user name and a separate password. Also it is possible to give user level rights for specific user. The user can be categorized as Administrator, Standard User per Department, Restricted User Views.
  • All the reports can be exported in the various formats including MS Excel and Adobe Acrobat Reader formats.
  • Software has inbuilt tool for Maintains Accounting Details of a Particular Client
  • Within the software one can configure customized rates, with discounts for each customer.