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LAB Reporting Software


Developed in-house by Delta Logic Solutions, the ‘LAB’ is a multi-user commercial software that helps modern labs track and manage samples and provide up to the minute information to customers. The software a desktop model. The software is designed to fully comply with ISO & NABL standards.

The LAB management software specifically handles the needs of a material testing lab and is designed to accomplish the tasks of various departments of a commercial lab, such as:

Customer Service
Physical Testing: Tensile, Bend, Hardness, Impact
Chemical Analysis: Complete Chemical Composition
Metallurgical Testing: Microstructure Analysis
Corrosion Testing: Inter-granular Corrosion as per ASTM A262, HIC and SSC Testing
Non Destructive Testing: UT, DP, MP, RT
Invoicing and Billing

The feature list of the software includes:

  • The Software fully based on GUI interface. It provides the multi user interface. The software is also capable to easily run over the network.
  • User Friendly access. It is multi user software, at a single point of time more than a user can do work on the same module.
  • Secure enough, and maintaining secrecy of the tests to others department. LAB provides a powerful security control. Each user has been assigned its own user name and a separate password. Also it is possible to give user level rights for specific user. The user can be categorized as Administrator, Standard User per Department, Restricted User Views.
  • It provides a powerful and flexible “Hierarchical View” to easily get the information about different test.
  • All the reports can be exported in the various formats including MS Word and Adobe Acrobat Reader formats.
Software has inbuilt tool for invoicing. Within the software one can configure customized rates, with discounts for each customer